We are a family owned business with a strong belief in promoting our craft shows with the utmost urgency. In the Craft Industry for over 23+ years, we understand what an exhibitor goes through because we were once one. So we felt it was time to help Exhibitors get the most out of what you spend in booth fees. Trust me I've spent close to $700 for a weekend show and that didn't include my gas, food or lodging…ouch!

Our past experiences as an exhibitor helps us understand the perspective of artists and dealers, and keep their needs in mind. Our goal is to run highly organized events that are well attended by people truly interested in buying what you have to offer. We have built a reputation of treating others the way we want to be treated.

I believe in giving an Exhibitor a little extra that you would not normally get from doing a craft show. So as Your Promoter, I’m going to give you Just That! Upon acceptance into Our shows you will have the opportunity to receive advertising, Artist recognition on our blog, Business Feature in our Online Craft Magazine and more! This will continue for (2 months) after your done doing our show. It’s my way for saying Thank You and We Appreciate your business!

Please Read our Exhibitor Appreciation Section for all the Details!

**Our Spring Craft Show Application for 2015 is Now Available!  ** 

~~~ Our first Appreciation will be an Exhibitor Contest for a chance to have your Booth Fee waived. So if your accepted, there is a chance you will be doing the craft show for FREE! ~~

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Would you like added exposure for your business? As a CWE Sponsor we offer great advertising for your business. View our Sponsor opportunities and join our craft team. It's a great way to support our local craft businesses!

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